Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Busting the Hump: June 28, 2006 edition

  • Cracked Magazine does not like the reviews of Nacho Libre, so they reviewed the reviews. How very meta of them.

    • Oh, you silly girls -- I see what you're doing here. A pun! How delightful! Too bad you are FUCKING RETARDED! If you're trying to do a “Nacho're” = “Not your” play on words, please remember that there's a very elementary difference between “you're” and “your” and that the correct version of your poorly planned pun would be “Nacho'r,” which actually looks really stupid, JUST LIKE YOUR STUPID FACES.

  • I Am My Own Damn Blog received all kinds of comments about their recent Chuck Norris post (see last week's BTH, or click here for a direct link). Apparently not everybody "got it." Click for the blogger's commentary and more silly comments.

    • you.. however... have ruined it by creating your own PG-13Adult Christian themed "facts".... thank you for your time and may chuck norris be merciful on your corpes

  • Cracked also has a list of actual comic-book scenes you won't see in Superman Returns. I should know. I saw it, and the closest thing was that one part when he talks about "needing a place to stay" with Jimmy Olsen.

    • After literally blowing a totem pole into space, Superman decides to fake Clark Kent's death in a bottle factory explosion and spends two panels comforting Lois before sauntering over to Jimmy and asking if he wants to move in together, explaining that he used to live with Clark. Jimmy is, of course, pretty excited about this; but it's the next panel, where Superman reaches over and gives Jimmy a soft-touch on the shoulder, saying "Since we're such good friends, this time I won't keep it a secret! We'll let the world know that Jimmy Olsen and his pal Superman are living together in the same apartment!" that really seals the deal.

  • i-Mockery proves once and for all that the only thing better than a crazy-ass energy drink is a crazy-ass energy drink with Steven Seagall's head on it.

    • Sweet, hellish nectar of the messianic master Dorje! This explosive draft is clearly out for a kill, but that kill is most definitely out of reach, and like J-Dawg said, I'm naturally out for justice, but I'm also out of puns! Therefore I bestow upon this throat-lashing liqueur 6.2 earsplittingly fractured forearms out of 10!

  • Improv Everywhere's MP3 Experiment III was a massive success. I really wish I could have made it.

  • The Jay has a press release from up-and-coming actress Anne Hathaway's up-and-coming breasts.

    • Paramount Pictures, a subsidiary of Viacom Inc. announced today that Anne Hathaway’s breasts, collectively known as “The Hathaway Twins,” have signed a three-picture first look development deal. The Hathaway Twins, individually credited as Princess Lefty McGee and Jenny Moon-Unit Zappa, are the stars of the upcoming fashion pic, “The Devil Wears Prada”. They recently signed with super-agent Ari Emmanuel of Endeavor for representation in all areas.

  • Cracked (yet again...I love this site) has their first annual Superman celebrity roast.

    • "Like we're supposed to believe this man is so Super? The last one couldn't even get out of a wheelchair."

  • Babies throwing up. Lots of them. This is epic.

  • What would Lord of the Rings be like if Michael Bay directed it? Crappy-larious, judging by Microspliff's video.

  • BEAR ATTACK! You thought you could get away from bear attacks on my site for one post, didn't you? There is a site dedicated to fan art of Conan O'Brien fighting bears. Yes.

  • Finally, Best Week Ever has all the scoop on Rush Limbaugh's new relationship with the "24" actress that plays Chloe. Weeeeird.

Make sure you see my mini-review of the new Superman. Have a good Wednesday.

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