Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Busting the Hump

It's another hump day, and HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE LOST LAST WEEK? A second hatch video, and Michael got away with offing Libby and Ana Lucia! I have a feeling these next two weeks are going to be amazing. Anyway, it's hump day, and nothing says that more than dog semen on my leg!
  • Retro alert! If you're a twisted corporate shill of an individual like me, you love to watch commercials from your childhood. And if you love commercials from your childhood, you'll love Crown Combo. The most recent? Rice Krispies (also check out the Blow Pops commercial from a few weeks ago).

  • P-Boink updated with their regular Wednesday thing. There are two non-baseball-related articles this week! A wrap-up on geek convention E3, and, more importantly, a guide to Summer jobs.

    • Are you a nerd? Asian? Maybe you just enjoy killing small animals on a scale that the Geneva Convention would consider genocide? Then working in a lab is the perfect summer job for you. Your tasks will involve doing everything the professor doesn’t want to bother with and can’t in good conscience delegate to his grad students. Cutting off mouse tails, exposing yourself to chlorine gas, that sort of thing. Your reward will be a summer of smelling like rat droppings and the possibility of a professor recommendation for grad school. Unfortunately, your professor thinks you are a huge chump and probably doesn’t even know your name.

  • As with every Hump Day, it's Overheard in New York's Wednesday One-Liners.

    • Middle-aged Latino woman to younger black woman: Listen, I got rights, ok? I mean I'll do the time for it, I don't care. On this train you gotta give people respect, 'cause everyone's a person. You give 'em respect, then you punch 'em.

I hope you don't run into the Others when you're over the hump. That would suck.

Get humped!

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scott said...

hey now, geek convention e3 is what fuels some of our souls around herrrre. u can at least tune in and watch hot geek chiks