Monday, May 29, 2006

The Monday Grind

It's a special holiday edition of The Monday Grind, meaning you can have one day of freedom before returning to the soul-crushing Mondays of yore.
  • Scary Crayon reviews three strange video games. Did he get winners or losers? Click to see.

    • And then I came upon something I've never seen even in the Chinatowns of New York and Frisco: a cardboard box with "PLAYSTATION GAMES" scrawled on it in Sharpie marker. Now, there are stores with video games in other Chinatowns, but these are expensive new import titles that everyone's heard of, not obscure used imports with no documentation whatsoever. With the disc titles being printed in Japanese, I had no idea what I was purchasing -- but at $2 Canadian each, I decided to take a gamble on a few and see what I ended up with.

  • SomethingAwful's Photoshop Phriday was a good one: Video Games According to Grandma.

  • The 7th Level rips apart an NES classic: Excitebike!

    • I put the game in, my hands quivering with anticipation. I press it down firmly and hit the power switch. After seeing a blinking grey screen, I take the game out. I give it a firm blow (olol) and put it back in. I get a title screen that looks glitchy and like it's been the wife of Ike Turner for far too long. I turn it off again, and I take the game out. I shake it, and it sounds like there is sand or something inside. I put the game in on the very edge of the inner slot of the system, and I force it down, grinding the top of the game. I say a little prayer, and hit the power button. HUZZAH! WE'RE IN BUSINESS!

  • And finally, Matt updated X-Entertainment with four new outrageous commercials. Huzzah!

    • In a great scene, a silver-suited freaky woman spends around 30 seconds trying to get her husband into the "matching top," and after she finally does, they have a hugging fit. Like, a crazy hugging fit. The kind of hugging fit man and wife have after wife first finds out that she's growing his midget slave inside her. I'm not sure what all the celebration was about, but judging by how much trouble she seemed to have getting the Slim Top on hubby, maybe it's that. Maybe they just felt really accomplished and able to conquer goals no other couples could.
For the next 30 Mondays, 24 can't even save you from the drudgery of your working life.. You sad bastard.

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