Monday, August 21, 2006

The Monday Grind

It's Monday. It's Grindy. But first, a special State of the Robot Hand Union announcement.

Two things are coming that may muck the works of Robot Hand Is The Future.
  1. The new television season is beginning. "Prison Break" begins tonight and other shows will be following. Like last season, I will be posting more show-specific posts. That's not to say the usual features will disappear, but the focus will not be mainly upon them. Be prepared for more frequent posts on Prison Break, The Amazing Race, Lost, Survivor, My Name Is Earl, The Office, Scrubs, and (yes) 24 strewn amongst the usual suspects. For a good example of how it worked last year, check the archives from April 2006 and for an idea of how my TV posting is, check this out.

  2. I'm heading back to school on Sunday. While I enjoy writing stuff on this site, The Daily Chronicle may become slightly less-than-daily due to increased pressures elsewhere. Also, I haven't yet decided on whether I'll be sticking with the summer's multi-story Daily Chronicle (example) or last school year's slightly longer, more individualized news posts (example). Any feedback pertaining to your favorite method would be appreciated in the comments.
Okay, enough of that. On to the links you love and some you masturbate to!
  • Cracked takes you back to your high school zoology class, discussing the five deadliest beasts in the film-director genus.

    • The M. Night Shyamalan is indeed a clever creature. He alone, among all others, is able to pull a plot out of thin air and get away with it. A skilled con-artist, he leads his prey into a story in which he makes up all the rules. There is no logic, there are no boundaries and there is nothing between his bizarre imagination and reality. However, being the crafty creature he is, he leads all of his arbitrary nonsensical plot pieces to a big, huge, “mind blowing” twist ending.

  • Error Macro has the worst songs to ever appear in video games, somehow forgetting the infectious Katamari Damacy music.

    • Privledged with being one of the first songs anyone thinks of when the subject of bad game music is brought up, Let's Go Away is one of those tunes that refuses to leave your head once it arrives. From the masterful and poetic lyrics (This is your crew chief / The course is really tough / But it's a beautiful day / So good luck) to the slight but unmistakable Japanese accent in the vocals, this is one of the archetypal bad game songs.

  • Now that the movie tanked at the box office, Charlie D. wants you to know that Snakes on a Plane jokes are stupid (and that he's his own damn blog).

    • And now Jake has heard of a film called Snakes on a Plane. His facebook status suddenly reads “Jake is: STAYIN’ CALM. There’s MOTHERFUCKIN’ SNAKES on a MOTHERFUCKIN’ PLANE!” See how suddenly the world is a less funny place? His current insult du jour is “SNAKES ON YOUR MOM!” He is like a pitbull. Once he clamps down on something, he will never let go. Plus, like a pitbull, he’s ugly and unloved.

  • Somebody posted a piece of toast on eBay that reminds me exactly of Snakes on a...oh shit. Sorry, Charlie D.
    • It's Snakes On A Plane On Toast! You are bidding on a mint condition slice of toast. Whether you are a novice toast collector or a serious toast connoisseur with several hundred slices of toast in your collection, this slice of toast will surely be the highlight of any collection. And with the holidays right around the corner, this toast will also make the perfect gift.

  • ScaryCrayon is posting up a web novella of sorts, and the first two serialized parts are up now. Checkitout checkitout checkitout.

    • You, dear reader, think very strange thoughts. I should hate to be your therapist. But I'm not your therapist, so why should I hate to be him or her? I mean, really, I'm not, and not only is it rather odd indeed to hate to be something that one isn't, but to suggest that anyone has a moral obligation to hate to be something that one isn't is especially ludicrous. But supposing that I did happen to be your therapist, I would hate to be him or her. Or maybe I wouldn't. It is true that you think very strange thoughts, but I imagine it would be quite a bit of fun to analyze them, for there must be a common thread stitched through them all, even if the path of the needle is very difficult to discern, owing to the strange patterns and manifold colors through which it was drawn to leave this peculiar network of ideas in its wake
I have quite a few more backlogged links, but they'll pop up on Wednesday. For now, steel yourself for tonight's very special season premiere of Prison Break.

P.S. Savefile apparently will be back up tonight, and with it will come last Thursday's MP3 of the Week. Sorry for the delay. Also keep your eyes open for a Prison Break post and a Daily Chronicle.

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