Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I jumped the gun

It seems like only yesterday that I was lambasting Angelina Jolie for giving her child a relatively normal name when there were pieces of fruit still unclaimed. Seems like I spoke too soon: the spawn of Brad's loins apparently let her own press get to her head, as she is named after Jesus.
  • The child -- whose pending arrival created a frenzy of hyperbole making it, according to one Web site executive, "the most anticipated baby since Jesus Christ" -- was named Shiloh, which means "Peaceful One" in Hebrew and, according to a Bible dictionary, refers to the Messiah. ("Messiah" comes from "mashiach," Hebrew for "anointed one.")
I bet Moses Martin is going to be really pissed, playing second fiddle to Jesus Jolie.

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Maggie said...

hahahahaha... oh man.