Sunday, October 14, 2007


Here are some things for you to know:
  • Internet Dating Wrap-Up: Oh, I'm not done dating the Internet, but the updates have been boring to me. There's not a whole lot of ladies in my area, but I've been having some fun conversations with fairly local ones about writing and video games, and--dating or not--really it's just kind of nice to have pleasant interactions with people about topics I dig, so I'm all in all enjoying it. I would recommend OKCupid for funs and frivolities.

  • A lot of fun new photographs have been added at the Flickr account. If you're interested in seeing the more "personal" (lol) photos, make a Flickr account and let me know about it. I'll add you to my "friends" list.

  • Since I can't get through a blog post without discussing the bathroom: WOMEN! They have a vending machine in the bathroom, full of tampons and pads and whatnot, but also candy and mints. Why do they get candy and mints when we get nothing? I guess it's all part of the package. Feminine hygiene products for the business, and mints for their breath when they're done bitching about it.

  • Need motivation for something hard that you don't want to do?

    Buy yourself a piece of candy, but don't let yourself eat it until you finish the task. Then you have motivation to do it.

    Get another piece of candy, and tell yourself you're only allowed to eat it if you do really well on it--for instance, an 85% on a test. Now you have motivation to do really well.

    If you get less than 85%, that's okay too. You can throw your candy at somebody as you drive by. It is important that you pick a heavy candy.


Jackie said...

I have never been to a women's bathroom that had mints in a vending machine. Never. I must be deprived! So don't you guys get condoms in your vending machines? Maybe they should give you edible underwear vending machines. I'm sure, no matter what the guys did with them, that they'd be a top seller.

Episode One said...

i agree on the candy motivation idea...however i like food (especially sweet treats) way too much to throw it at someone if i don't complete a task or project...maybe i should do what you say...then my ass wouldnt be so big...hahah, just a thought.

Baron Von TrundleBed said...

I like the candy idea too, but it's harder to pick just one piece when you have a pregnant woman in the house. There's just too much candy to choose from.

Matt said...

I have never been inside a women's bathroom and lived to talk about it.

Donny said...

This blog is damn near a week old. Update me on your life!

And I'm glad you enjoyed Bindi's guest blog. Perhaps I can get her to write for you! :-D

Donny said...

do you watch 'gossip girl' by any chance? haha...

i watched 4 episodes online today and it was the first time i ever heard "done and done" and sure enough, later that day you put it in my blog!