Saturday, September 29, 2007

Graffiti and Poo

  • There are times when I don't particularly like Harrisburg. There are times when I love Harrisburg. Thursday was one of those latter times. I went on a walk on my lunch break, and I found some pretty neat graffiti of Pac-Man ghosts. You can check out all of my public digital photos at my new Flickr Photostream, if you are at all inclined.

  • An important question for the ladies: in your experience, how many bathrooms actually have couches in them? I see it on television all the time. Is it primarily a workplace thing? Do you ever see them in "public restrooms?" Is there an actual draw to sitting or laying on a couch that is placed in a room that smells of poop and pee? Or does the poop and pee of women smell like roses?

  • On a related note: air-freshening sprays. What? A bathroom is a room that will occasionally smell like poop and pee. When you spray Glade or some shit into the air, you are not hiding poop and pee. There is no hiding poop and pee. You're just adding something else into the bouquet. In some cases, you are adding another annoying or offensive smell--flowers, whathaveyou. In other cases, you are including a wonderful smell and making me associate it with poop and pee--vanilla, cinnamon, and cetera. I do not want to smell poo in my Big Red, and I do not want to taste pee in my hot cocoa.


Review the World said...

that Pac-Man ghost artwork is really cool.. - i enjoyed looking at the photos you've shot so far, too.. - i'll keep an eye regularly on your flickr..

Jackie-O said...

Pee or poo could be a new flavor syrup for lattes.