Monday, October 01, 2007

Chick singers

  • Why did nobody tell me about all the awesome chick singers there are out there? Here I've been sobbing to depressing boy music when I could be sobbing to depressing chick music and looking at their breasts. All at the same time. The overuse of italics takes away their emphasis. I'm speaking mostly about Regina Spektor, but also Feist and Ingrid Michaelson and Amy Winehouse and KT Turnstall. And Tori Amos, of course, even though her book bored me to tears (Sorry Ashley. I tried.).

    It's also important to mention that all of my knowledge of popular music comes from Old Navy commercials.

    There's something incredibly sexy about an aloof girl that sings her feelings. Uhhhhhhhnf.

  • Have I mentioned that I love Picross DS? I can't remember. I've spent the last two months playing Picross during everything. All of my breaks at work. While I'm watching TV shows. The same stupid puzzles over and over again. But look out! Today, the new Legend of Zelda DS game arrives, and so I'll be even more negligent of my social life in favor of my handheld drawring thingy!

  • I've been brushing my teeth with Crest Whitening Expressions for the past few weeks. If you haven't heard, get with the times man! It comes in vanilla and cinnamon and orange flavors! It is like candy, except for your mouth! I do not particularly like it, but it's the only brand in the house right now and I'm too cheap to buy my own tube. There's something unnatural about cleaning your teeth and enjoying the flavor all at once. If I want candy, I will not put toothpaste in my mouth! I will instead eat some delicious candy, and then clean my mouth out with toothpaste that tastes like mint ass. It's the way it has always been and it's the way it always shall be.

  • I am liberal in pretty much all of my views, but I am a Republican when it comes to toothpaste.

Photo for the post! I'll write more on my photography obsession soon, maybe.


Jackie-O said...

I was under the impression that Jon Bon Jovi is a diva.

Review the World said...

check out the band Rilo Kiley.. - they're lead singer Jenny Lewis is amazing (she also has a solo project) plus she was the little girl in the film The Wizard alongside Fred Savage.. - Rilo also features a guy who was one of the kids from Hey Dude! as a band member, too..

Meg & Dia is another good band fronted by two twin sisters who are big literature nerds.. - kind of poppy, but fun.. - saw 'em live a few months back..

Episode One said...

i wrote about you in my blog...feel's a moment in history!!!

Matt said...

I listened to Rilo Kiley primarily because the lead singer was in he Wizard. I didn't know about the Hey Dude! guy though.

By the way, do you recommend Picross for other DS owners?

If you like puzzle games and RPGs, then you can't go wrong with Puzze Quest. It's like Bejeweled but with RPG stuff. Super cool.

Baron Von TrundleBed said...

What is Picross DS? I saw that Gameinformer gave it a 9.5 out of 10 but didn't read the review.

Oh, and since I forgot to text you back, my Mom does like her job at the state very much. She says that everyone is very nice, especially her supervisors, and that she likes her clerk duties as well.

I am very free on Friday, give me a call anytime. I literally have nothing to do the whole day.