Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hey guy.

A very close family friend passed away this weekend. His name was Rich.

Let's venture back-in-time several years. I was with my Grandma at a funeral, and Rich was giving one of the Biblical readings. As he delivered the verses, he became overwhelmed with emotion. He got choked up and began to cry. Grandma later joked that she wanted Rich to read at her funeral so that somebody would cry for her.

A few years later, Rich did read a passage at Grandma's funeral. And he was, once again, moved to tears.

Now I don't really have anything but my memories (and even those fail me most of the time these days). I will remember Rich for his heart, and I hope that, after reading this, you all will assess the amount of heart you put into everything you do. I'm trying to.


Episode One said...

i feel you on this one, mike. i'm starting to realize this stuff myself lately....hopefully i'll see you in harrisburg.

Episode One said...

i meant to say at, i'm tired today!!

Jackie said...

Thank you for that. It was very sobering and wise, actually.

Matt said...

As long as you remember him you're doing enough. Thanks for the words.