Monday, July 31, 2006

The Daily Chronicle: Monday, July 31, 2006

  • Officials are accusing a New York man of biting off a rooster's head. Meanwhile, a New York man is accusing a rooster of having a delicious head.

  • Not only was Mel Gibson arrested for DUI on Friday, but he was spewing out anti-Semetic epithets the entire time. This is the part where I usually make a joke, but I now invite you to reread that first sentence.

  • "Giant Dead Eel Tossing Contest Canceled." I can't imagine it was for lack of interest.

  • "Hot fun, cool deals in New Orleans!" Buy now: every house currently comes with an outdoor pool.
    • Note to self: too soon for Katrina jokes?
      • Note to self: No.

  • Boy George will be pickin' up trash in the August heat. He's just happy to be getting work.

  • The FDA is about to make the Morning After Pill available over the counter. Spoodles thinking about throwing away economy-sized box of condoms.

  • DANGER! There is a current sperm-donor shortage! Sorry guys, but I've been busy taking advantage of this morning-after thing.

  • A man found a 188-year-old Bible in a dumpster. It was originally thrown away for being too preachy.

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Derek said...

Dude, animal crossing. I'm starting at the west chester amc on friday. Should be interesting.