Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm not even supposed to be here today...again

The preview for Clerks 2 hit the net a few days ago.

Forecast calls for 75% chance of pleasant surprise with a chance of severe suckage. Let's hope Smith hasn't lost the touch.

If you missed it: Kevin's tale about Jason Mewes (now on Part 5 at his website).

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Chris The Great said...

i just saw the trailer today at darkhorizons... it definitely seems up to par with, oh i don't know, jay and silent bob strike back? but i'm clearing my mind of all hateful clutter (though i did like JASBSB...) until i see it. somehow i have the odd feeling that Slither will be so much better than it. hell, slither is so much better than any other movie i've seen in the past few years. infact, i'd have to say it's the best movie out there now, and most likely, one of the best movies of the year... and we're only ending the first quarter!

in other news, the morrissey record is nothing short of amazing. and you won't have to wait two years to get it because, my dear lover, i already got it for you lol yes, i ruined the surprise but i think you need something good to look forward to, possibly to make the week a bit easier! for an extra pick-me-up, read my post on midgets, their walking habits, and how corey feldman's career just hit the shitter... all in the same post! simply amazing!