Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Heaven knows I'm miserable now...

Morrissey is back, and he's just as verbosely miserable as ever. I don't really know that for a fact, but if you look closely at the track titles (gems such as "Dear God, Please Help Me" and "Life Is a Pigsty"), you know it's true. The Mozzer's been depressing for twenty-six years now, and there's no reason to turn back.

Equally depressing: I will be hearing this album in two years when I make enough money to pay off my BRAND NEW CAR!!!!!!! (repairs).

What I'd like to do is crawl into a corner and die, but I don't have any mopey Morrissey music to ease the way. Looks like I'll just have to push on. For the children.

Buy the album for $10 from Amazon.

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Ruppy said...

I got Morrissey, YAY!!