Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Noinch Noinch Noinch

Kevin Smith posted a huge new blog telling the whole story of how he met Jason "Jay" Mewes. Here's an excerpt.

  • Walt and I watched with wonder as Mewes grabbed a pool cue and pretended to suck it off. Losing interest, he ran up to the phone on the front desk, grabbed the receiver from the cradle, and pretended to suck that off. He grabbed the flag pole and did the same. He grabbed a whiffle ball bat and did the same. This went on for twenty minutes, with seemingly no regard for our presence whatsoever. He never looked at us as if to say “Are you seeing this shit?” He never looked at us at all. He didn’t seem to care that we were even there. This wasn’t a show for our benefit. It was as if he’d been walking around Highlands moments earlier, took a gander at his watch, and was like “Wow – it’s two o’clock. I’d better get down to the Rec and suck everything off.” The kid had an agenda, and he was actively fulfilling it.
But what did Jay do when he ran out of things to blow? What celebrity did he sleep with after becoming clean and sober? How come I wasn't there, pants on the floor and posies in my hand? Click here for the whole thing. This is part one of Kevin's series exploring Mewes's winning battle with heroin addiction, and I'm sure the rest will be equally enlightening.

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