Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I don't get it.

The Peeps Challenge. Many have done it. Many have failed.

How many Marshmallow Peeps can you eat in a set amount of time? That answer better be damn near six hundred.

This guy got 36 Peeps in 26 minutes.

This guy got 38 before he felt sick.

What is with you people? Besides the fact that you are not a man (real men like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jack Bauer could eat two thousand Peeps in twenty minutes and still have room in their stomachs for three crying babies), you are hardly even human. I could eat more Peeps for a midnight snack. Understand, eating Peeps is not a right. Much like voting, devouring Marshmallow Peeps is a privilege. Also like voting, you should eat them early, eat them often, and if you don't eat them you aid terrorism.

1 comment:

Chris "The Great" said...

Peeps are the real mccoy... i can attest to that! i forgot to give you a little somethin somethin i picked up for you! when are you coming back, johndy?