Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving (No Way Out)

In lieu of an actual post, here's another mix CD. It's the time of year during which we are meant to express our thankfulness, and the musicians of the world are joining in the fun.

John Denver is thankful that he was raised in a rural area. Ben Folds is thankful that he eloped. Jon Bon Jovi is just thankful that he still has a career long after the eighties ended.

I'm thankful that I finished my 50,000-word National Novel Writing Month novel yesterday. What are you thankful for? Are you thankful that I didn't include Adam Sandler's "Thanksgiving Song?" I was thinking about it, just to torture you.

Thanksgiving (No Way Out)

  1. Garfield: Work Up an Appetite (Main Title)
  2. Ben Folds: You to Thank
  3. John Denver: Thank God I'm a Country Boy
  4. Alanis Morrissette: Thank U
  5. The Beatles: Thank You Girl
  6. Violent Femmes: Thanksgiving (No Way Out)
  7. Bon Jovi: Thank You For Loving Me
  8. Boyz II Men: Thank You
  9. Ryan Adams: Thank You Louise
  10. Dan Bern: Thanksgiving Day Parade
Running time: 40'13"

If you look at the word "thank" long enough, it doesn't look like a real word.


Maggie said...

So, I'm on Craigslist looking for jobs in New York, and I run across an ad for a media/marketing firm called GIRLIE ACTION. They are a music marketing firm... and right smack in the middle of the ad, they have this:

"Elliott Smith R.I.P. 1969- 2003"

Made me think of you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mystie said...

Oh man Spoodles, you're done with Nanowrimo already? I was less than 2 weeks into my smut novel last year before I got stuck because I ran out of words for wang.