Thursday, November 16, 2006

Everything's Not Lost

Not content to give you only five tracks, I've made a whole little mix CD for you. Entitled "Everything's Not Lost," the theme is "Lost." Don't worry: unlike the TV show, you won't end up confused and unsatisfied.

Right Click>Save As to get the music.

1. Elliott Smith: Let's Get Lost
2. Ben Folds: Lost in the Supermarket
3. Blink-182: I'm Lost Without You
4. Eric Clapton: I Get Lost
5. John Lennon: Long Lost John
6. Morrissey: Lost
7. Beck: Lost Cause
8. Tom Petty: Lost Children
9. Jeff Buckley: Lost Highway
10. Rusted Root: Lost in a Crowd
11. Amy Mann: Lost in Space
12. Oingo Boingo: Lost Like This
13. Michael Jackson: The Lost Children
14. Elliott Smith: In the Lost and Found (Honky Bach)
15. Coldplay: Everything's Not Lost

Running Time: 1:03:33

The files won't be around forever, so get 'em while they're there.


Miles said...

That Ben Folds song is a cover of a Clash song!

Spoodles said...

I know. I had to make a choice between the two because I didn't want the same song on the mix twice. I picked Ben Folds because I prefer him to Joe Strummer (blasphemy!).