Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Restoring my faith in comedy

It's become a bit of a blog cliché to talk about this guy, but I'm making it my solemn duty to review every movie that I see for this ramshackle website.That's right. It's our lovable friend Borat, and he's starring in a brand new, record-breaking motion picture experience.

Usually I infuse this kind of thing with a lot of plot summary in order to fill up some imagined, necessary word count. However, I can't do that with this movie. The joy of this film is that no matter where you are, it's going to jerk you in an unexpected direction. This is guerilla filmmaking at its best.

However, I have fallen back in love with the comedic motion picture. It seems like all of the recent comedies that I've seen have either had a sense of gravity to them (Clerks 2) or just plain sucked (too many to name). Borat does neither. It is hilarious without ever having to kowtow to the gods of schmaltz.

As I said, I won't ruin the movie for you. Expect all kinds of marvelous things: prostitutes, Jesus, Pamela Anderson, southern grace, nudity, chickens, frat boys, bears, and Jews! Expect to laugh and laugh until eventually you puke.

If you're new to Borat (or if you just plain love Borat), click here for Cracked's feature on Borat, including ten videos from the television show.

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