Thursday, November 09, 2006

Birthday with Satan!

It seems like everybody and their crazy brother has a birthday right around now. My buddies Tim, Brad, and Lauren, for starters. Also some guy named Steven Poodles.

And the reason?

If you look deep into the past--nine months into the past, to be exact--you will find yourself right around that special time of year: Valentine's Day. We are the products of steamy Valentine's-Day sex.

In honor of our November honorees, here are a lot of songs about birthdays.

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The Smiths: Unhappy Birthday
The Beatles: Birthday
The Gorgonites: Track 66 (Birthday With Satan)
The Ramones: Happy Birthday
The Simpsons: Happy Birthday Lisa
Moby: Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)
Jon Brion: Happy Birthday

Oh no! Not the Rapture!

The songs won't be around forever. Get 'em while they're there.

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