Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shuffle Yo' Shit or give me death

Yeah, you know the drill. I shuffle up my iTunes and you get the first five tracks, no matter how embarrassing or unsexy they may be. This week you get a track by a kind-of-obscure soul-rocker, a couple of live Elliott Smith tracks, a Morrissey b-side, and the theme to a major motion picture from 1999.

Consider yourself lucky I didn't load you up with theme songs to 1980s cartoons.

  1. "Marry Me" by Robin Andre (from Paper Bag)
  2. "Baby Britain" by Elliott Smith (from 2-22-1999)
  3. "My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye" by Morrissey (from the single to First of the Gang to Die)
  4. "Clementine" by Elliott Smith (from 9-28-2000)
  5. "Theme to Angela's Ashes" by John Williams (from Angela's Ashes)
As always, that damn archive.

1 comment:

Maggie said...

thanks... i don't even know what to be doing with myself anymore. :(