Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Busting the Hump: I give you some links yet again Edition

This site seems to be more and more the "Here Have Some Links" site, but I'm too busy to provide as much fresh content as I did over the summer. Sorry. Here's some mo' links.
  • PEEPS! Marshmallow Peeps are back in stores, and Chocolate Obsession looks at (and experiments with) Cocoa Cats.

    • So, yeah, they’re good and Peep-elicious and all, but there is more to the humble Peep than just a painfully sweet sugar coated marshmallow critter. There is potential. Over the past couple of years we have seen a number of recipes for Peeps the most popular of them being Peeps Brûlée. The proper way to do Peeps Brûlée is to let the Peeps air cure for a week or two and get good and stale and then kill on an open flame. Me, I’m impatient. And I can’t do the open flame thing in my apartment (the rabbit is afraid of smoke and my smoke detector is supernaturally powerful and unbelievably LOUD). But I refuse to allow that to ruin my fun! I set the back burner on high and impaled a Peep on a dipping fork and let the poor little critter burn!

  • Scary Crayon has a random lunch. And it looks marvelous.

    • Anyway, there wasn't anything terribly elaborate about the cooking process for this one, considering that no frying was necessary and all of the ingredients were already in ready-to-eat condition. I just tossed the cheese, a tablespoon of mayonnaise, a couple handfuls of croutons, and 1.5 turkey franks cut into pieces into the bowl of creamed corn -- along with some salt and pepper for seasoning -- and microwaved the contents for 2:21. Afterwards, I stirred and added garlic powder, seasoned salt, and a teaspoon of pesto to further enhance the flavor. Another trip to the microwave, more stirring, five more minutes in the microwave with the machine set to "hold warm" while I did some other stuff, and at last we ended up with what you see above. Looks delicious, yes?

  • Simultaneously frightening and funny, this fat kid almost falls out of a roller coaster of some sort.

  • Player vs. Fish is feeling the Halloween spirit. Here's a review o' some Halloween gummis. And Jeff is inviting Halloween submissions, so check it out. I'm going to try to write something up soon-wise.

    • In other words, these are just like Gummi Bears, except they won’t be bouncing here and there and everywhere. They’re skeletons. Skeletons pretty much just lie there doing nothing. Except for the animated ones. Those go around killing people. Luckily, no known forms of voodoo magic work on gummi candy.

  • Yeah, some more Wednesday One-Liners from a little site I like to call "Overheard in New York."

    • Idle dreamer: Man...I wish I had, like, 59 butts.
      --Apple Store, 5th Ave

  • iMockery, you mockery, we all mockery for iMockery. Oh, they have an article about Halloween pet costumes.

    • While not exactly nailing your dog to a tree or tossing a burlap sack bursting with kittens into the river, this isn't too far from it. You know when you hear those stories about dogs that go crazy and eat their masters? These are the dogs they're talking about. And who can blame them? On top of the public humiliation they had to endure that day, they had their picture frozen in time, immortalized for all eternity.

  • Cracked knows all about performance-enhancing drugs. Take, for instance, their list of users in the field of entertainment.

    • Show: Mork & Mindy
      Actor: Robin Williams
      Performance-Enhancer: Cocaine
      Clue That Something Was Up: Of all of the forms extra terrestrial life has taken in popular culture, Mork is right behind ET as the alien whose ass we’d have the most fun kicking. To today’s jaded audiences, Williams’ performance as Mork looks more like a guy who’s been given too much creative freedom and not enough Sweet’N Low in his cocaine.

  • The 7th Level offers a review of the third X-Men movie, albeit three months later.

    • Why? Two reasons. One, it was announced that his replacement would be Brett "I wish I was Michael Bay" Ratner, director of Chris Tucker movies extraordinaire. And secondly, because Moriarty over at had published a scathing script review explaining in detail how they'd gotten the entire concept of the Dark Phoenix wrong, how they'd vaporized Cyclops in the first 20 minutes of the film, and how it was going to ruin the entire franchise.

      To put it as politefully as I can possibly muster, people who really feel this way should get out of the basement and explore the wonders of intercourse.

  • iMockery is still iMockering after all these years. A list of fifty ways to make this Halloween different than any other, coming your way in a pie tin.

    • 10.) Screw reflective tape! Reflective Tape says "I'm not spooky at all, I'm a gay little crybaby! Instead, paint your naked body black and lie in the road!

  • Cracked again, listing five comedians that had IT and then lost IT.

    • The guy who plays straight man to the comedy stylings of Queen Latifah. That's like getting them both to collaborate on a rap album, and having her hold the mic while Martin freestyles about money and bitches. Besides late-term abortions like Bringing Down the House, there's also Looney Tunes: Back in Action and this year’s Pink Panther to consider, where Martin once again dropped a rung on the comedy ladder, this time playing straight man to Beyonce, of all people.

  • Something Awful designs motivational posters for supervillains!

    • You haven't, however, yet seen what a motivation poster would look like for your typical, cunning villain. Knowing full well they probably won't get the girl like the heroes do, they've gotta get the motivation to wear those ridiculous costumes from somewhere, and in this week's Comedy Goldmine, Forums Goon dr_vonkill asked the forums to help figure out exactly where that motivation would be coming from for any given villain.


kate said...

thank you spoodles, my hump is totally busted. maybe someday my bust will be humped! here's hoping!

Jeff said...

For the record, I am not inviting Halloween submissions, I am demanding them.