Friday, July 07, 2006



UPN and Spoodles Entertainment are happy to announce the next big thing in reality television programming. Based on the smash-hit sitcom of the same name, HOMEBOYS IN OUTER SPACE follows eight streetwise, young gentlemen in a competition to see who among them will be shipped by rocket into the outer reaches of our planet's atmosphere...and beyond!

In a series of intense physical and mental challenges meant to test all of the skills required of United States astronauts, the contestants literally fight tooth and nail to win a spot on the National Aeronotics and Space Administration's (NASA's) next outer-space mission--the shuttle Excelsior, launching in early 2008. Simultaneously, the contestants will be forced to live in the same house--a difficult task for all, but especially trying for those in opposing street gangs.

Every week, one homeboy will be sent out of the house via rocket-powered escape pod, never to return to the program. This exciting ceremony, presided over by television's Montel Williams (The Montel Williams Show), has all of the contestants speaking frankly with one another, and results in a group vote to choose which contestant is to be sent out of the game. Exemption from the vote, as well as other luxury prizes, is rewarded for exemplery performance in the space-related challenges. Montel Williams announces the results of the vote with his signature catch phrase: "Homeboy--you're going home, boy!"

The cast is a perfect and varied group of young men ranging from ages 18 to 25. Wally Bole, 23, is the supervisor at a branch of a famous fast-food chain in Brooklyn, New York. Shaun Collins, 19, is a prison parolee after a Detroit liquor-store robbery in early 2005. Orenthal Willis, 25, is currently a substitute teacher in spite of his homeless childhood in Los Angeles, California. Michael Colton, 20, is a member of the "Crips" gang in Miami, Florida. Also from Miami is Jaquon Jones, 21, a member of the rival "Bloods" gang. Tad Gregory, 25, is a drug-dealer and former pimp from Washington, DC. Jai Williams, 25, is a police officer and former "Blood" from New York City. Melvin Johnson, 18, is a recovering addict from Baltimore, Maryland. These eight men provide much entertainment and conflict in the ten-episode first season of HOMEBOYS IN OUTER SPACE.

HOMEBOYS IN OUTER SPACE airs on Thursdays at 9:00pm EST/PST (8:00pm CST). In January 2007, You'll Believe A Homeboy Can Fly.


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