Friday, July 07, 2006

The Daily Chronicle: Weekend Edition, 7-7-2006 to 7-9-2006

I dunno. Ask Barry Lakin.
  • A Minnesota man is mowing lawns for free to lose weight. Other things he could do for free to lose weight: eat less and stop eating so damn much.

  • The demand for organic food is far outweighing the supply. Don't fear, however. If you don't communicate with these people, you won't catch a bad case of the Hippie.

  • Russell Crowe's second son born; immediately hit in the head with a telephone.

  • Gay rights groups are pissed off due to homophobic reggae music. I'm confused, because I'd always been under the assumption that reggae was totally gay.

  • A New York man was attacked on the subway by a man with a saw. Reminds me of some really shitty movies.

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