Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Trailer Trash: Wrong Edition

Usually, unless I'm feeling sassy, I'll admit it when I'm wrong. I was wrong about "X-Men: The Last Stand," which was very entertaining. I was wrong to stick that glass bottle under my janitor's car tire in elementary school. Until this weekend, that pretty much covered every time in my entire life that I was ever wrong (please disregard all arbitrary box office results, plz and thx).

Then I rewatched "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" and saw its sequel, "Dead Man's Chest." I was originally just plain underwhelmed with the whole thing, but now I'll admit: those are some damn fine summer blockbusters. If you are one of the three people who didn't see "Pirates 2" on its record-breaking opening weekend, no worries. I won't spoil it. But I will say every comparison I've seen of this sequel to "The Empire Strikes Back" is apt--both in feeling and in the overall leaps-and-bounds quality boost over the original. Everything from the island fight through the end is virtually flawless.

In honor of my wrongness in predicting a bland "Fantastic-Four"-esque spectacle out of "Dead Man's Chest," I will now make incorrect statements about each of these forthcoming movies!
  • Rocky Balboa looks to be the movie that reinvigorates Sly Stallone's fledgling career. Expect more sequels.

  • Judging by its tired and overused concept and its bland-looking trailer, Deja Vu is destined to disappoint.

  • I'm calling it now: Night at the Museum will earn Ben Stiller his first Best Actor nomination. This looks like a winner, folks.
Have a good day, Spider Fans.


derek said...

I have yet to see Pirates 2, but I'll go see it now with your approval. I enjoy the site a lot, read it everyday.

scott said...

orientation was soooo intensely boring today. pual almost started to cry.... no, not really. ur site is sexy.