Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Busting the Hump: July 12, 2006 edition

Evil clown. No comment.
  • Do you not know Elliott Smith? jefitoblog has a guide to his entire musical career, complete with MP3s! Listen to the goodness!

  • Overheard in New York. Wednesday One-Liners. Like it or lump it!

    • Teen boy: So I was watching one of those independent channels, and I saw this weird movie called Jesus Christ Superstar. Have you heard of it? It's from the 70's, so the camera work is really bad, but it's not in black and white or anything. The best part is that Herod is all big and fat and he sings this funny song, like, "You're the king of the Jews!" It's a pretty funny movie. You know, except they, like, kill Jesus at the end.

  • Need some fuel for your racist jokes? Go to the Racial Slur Database, you 539.

  • Crazy-ass Dennis Hopper is running some crazy-ass errands with crazy-ass Cracked.

    • Um, yeah. Gimme one of these Bundt cakes. Man, that looks good. Could you heat it up for me, real quick? ‘Cause I can hardly wait to take it outside and fuck it.

  • Maxim has an article that is not about softcore boobies! It's about horror movie cliches we can do without.

    • It's really unfair to assume every person who lives in a dilapidated shack, at the bottom of a hill, with no teeth, bare feet, one eye, a bunch of rotting chicken carcasses instead of a carpet, and a lampshade made of human skin is some kind of weirdo. Erase the hate, people.

  • Retrocrush! Top 30 game show hosts of all time! Set hike!

    • Alex is one of those game show hosts that definitely seems smart enough to know all the answers to the questions he's asking. Though "Jeopardy!" was original host Art Fleming's show for 11 years, Trebek has hosted the brainy quiz show for more than twice that time. I sure wish he'd grow his fabulous mustache back, which has been missing since 2001.

  • Generate your own evil clown!

  • Scary Crayon made a strawberry omelette with cheese and whipped cream. Oh, the horror!

    • [G]iven the almost tomato-like taste of the canned strawberries and the predictable taste of slices of bread fried in salty grease, the final product tasted more like a BLT or a breakfast sandwich than a sugary-sweet after-dinner treat. As such, after noting the sandwich's resemblance to the most important meal of the day, I jokingly remarked -- ha! ha! -- that perhaps the eldritch concoction would benefit from the addition of eggs.

  • The Jay knows what's hiding in Owen Wilson's hair! Many things, that's what!

    • The original prints of Episodes IV, V and VI. George Lucas leaves them there for safe keeping. Also because he’ll never need them.
Evil clown. No comment.

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