Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Busting the Hump: July 26, 2006 edition

Did you see what happened? I posted some links right now.

What I lack in quantity, I make up for in quackity.
  • THE HYVE! THE HYVE! Matt at X-E has found The Hyve, and he's gracing us with his thoughts. By the way--when referencing The Hyve (or It), you must capitalize it as a proper noun, much like "God" or "Bette Midler."

    • The box is enormous. Really enormous. Like, three wine bottles high and four across. I'm almost pissed about this because it's just more proof that The Hyve would've changed my life as a child. Outside of wrapped packages that were obviously sized correctly to be video games, which gifts did you always open first? The big ones. In a big package, even shit was gold. The Hyve is far from shit, but it's one of the biggest boxes I've ever seen for anything relating to action figures. It is HUGE. The picture above could only do it justice if your monitor spans 48 inches. I know it doesn't, because you're poor.

  • Greg at Pop Arena has an awesome comic utilizing the likenesses and styles of all of your favorite online characters writers. Check it out.

  • Cracked has cracked Johnny Depp's voicemail, and here's the skinny.

    • "Hey, John-John. It’s Keira. I was like wondering—know how we have that kissing scene coming up for Pirates Three? Yeah, well, about that. Could you do me a solid? Could you like brush your teeth and floss thoroughly? It’s this strict diet I’m on. I’m trying to avoid any rogue calories that might be lingering in your mouth. And could you like maybe fast for two days before the scene just to be sure? Also, what do you think of this new movie Disney’s pitching based on that ride The Tilt-O-Whirl? I’m undecided. Thoughts?"

  • The Jay has captions to gross celebrity pictures. Gross? Celebrity? Chances are good that George Clooney will be gobbling a weiner.

  • Cracked gets fan mail and they answer it. Fun knee.

    • It's especially important when the asterisk is next to the word "free." Because you're completely giving us the impression that we are going to be facing some kind of a catch, like, maybe the trip is free, but it's to a little-known town called "Disney" near Beirut, or that the only cost is our very souls or we have to go in like, February, when they don't have any of the cool parades.

  • X-E gets all bleezy fo sheezy reviewing Ice Blue Kool Aid.

    • As a current part of the "Twists" sector, Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade is just another number. As part of the more elite "Island Twists" branch, Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade enjoyed a brief few moments as the ultimate Kool-Aid flavor -- the one kids put on a pedestal, and the one kids used in conjunction with metal bowls full of boiling water to turn themselves into hardcore genuine punk fucking rockers. Finding "raspberry lemonade" as one of the more endearing fake fruit flavors on the market, I've long been impressed with the package art's ability to make it seem less like sugar and more like the farm fresh tryst of real lemons and real blueberries. If you think of it that way, you get so hungry.

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The Jay said...

Thanks for all the great linkage lately, Spoodles. It's much appreciated.

You keep Busting that Hump, I'll keep flaming celebrities, and the world will slowly become a better place to blog.

- Jason (aka The Jay)