Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Busting the Apology/News Dump

There will be no "Busting the Hump" linkdump this week due to the fact that I am exhausted from my hike. Expect a "Hump Already Busted" of some sort (as well as a "Trailer Trash" that I owe you from Tuesday) either tomorrow or on the weekend. For now: News Dump!
  • KFC is getting their asses sued for serving fatty foods. I call bullshit. You can't really fault a place when its name denotes frying. They're the only fast food place that doesn't serve salad, for god's sake.

  • Jerry Lewis had a "mild" heart attack this week, but for some reason nobody noticed his spastic screams.

  • Eminem is returning to what he knows best: acting in westerns.

  • Finally, a national folk hero is getting the tribute he deserves: The Adolf Hitler Memorial is coming soon.

  • Baby rape? It's a Gorgonites song come to life! (P.S., for serious, this isn't funny).
Practice safe sex and make sure not to lose your cell phone somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains. I know I've learned my lesson.

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Chris The Great said...

I realized something today... you are like the new associated press, only you don't suck! It is my professional opinion as a WWE wrestler that not only can I not read, but what I do is real. It is also my professional opinion as a forerunner and proud supporter of "Fuck the Associated Press" that I believe you deserve an award. That said, Cool Mike, I here by offer you this prestigious "I Fucked the Associated Press and All I Got Was This Lousy Award" award. You shall recieve the real thing in a few days. Good job, and keep up the good work!