Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You should have put a hit out on David Blaine

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a man was fired from his radio show for publicly putting a hit out on Penn Jillette, the magician of Penn and Teller fame.
  • A radio talk show host was fired after offering to pay a listener to kill comedian-magician Penn Jillette for racy comments about Mother Teresa. John London said he was fired over the weekend from CBS-owned KIFR-FM along with producer Dennis Cruz and sports reporter Chris Townsend for comments made on the air last Wednesday. London said he was being sarcastic when he offered $5,000 to kill Jillette. "If he suffers, I'll make it $7,000," London said, according to Cruz.
That's all fine and good, of course, but we all know who the real threat is...

TELLER! YOU SMUG SON OF A BITCH! You think you're too good to talk? We have ways of making people like you talk.

(link via Best Week Ever)

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