Thursday, April 13, 2006

Meaningful Daniel Stern voiceover

If you like jaded 1980's recreations of the freewheeling 1960's, you'll love Progressive Boink's Top 25 moments from The Wonder Years. Remember this gem?
  • Kevin, Paul, and all the boys in gym class get excited because they're finally going to learn about the female reproductive system, because either they're really into anatomical knowledge or because they're kids and think that properly knowing what a vagina is means you've had sex. Coach Cutlip turns his back and draws. When he turns around, it looks like a cow's head. He points (pictured) and asks if anyone can tell him what THESE are. The response: "The ears?"
I CERTAINLY REMEMBER THAT! I do remember a lot of these things. Honestly. But there were tons of more memorable moments on The Wonder Years that were left off the list completely.
  • Remember the time Kevin fell in love with his hot substitute teacher?
  • Remember the time they spelled Uncle Jesse's name "Uncle Jersey" in the newspaper?
  • Remember the time Nina Meyers totall killed the shit out of Jack Bauer's wife?
  • Remember the time Kevin Arnold chopped up Paul's parents and fed them to Paul in some chili?
It's kind of a travesty that these didn't even get a mention.

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