Monday, April 10, 2006

I was pretty close...PRETTY CLOSE FOR A GIRL!

Another picture of Sarah Jessica Parker? That could mean only one thing! The weekend's Box Office is released! I didn't get close enough to win the jug of wiper-fluid, but I did win a chance to throw a football through a tire swing for twenty bucks.

#1: Ice Age 2, $34.5 million (my pick: #2, $24 million)
#2: The Benchwarmers, $20.5 million (my pick: #1, $25 million)
#3: Take the Lead, $12.7 million (my pick: #4, $9.6 million)
#4: Inside Man, $9.2 million (not on my list)
#5: Lucky Number Slevin, $7.1 million (my pick: #3, $11.5 million)

My #5 pick, Failure to Launch, fell to #6, due in part to the fact that Sarah Jessica Parker has a horseface. I was correct, though, about Phat Girlz not appearing anywhere close to the top five. Although picking on a movie like Phat Girlz is like shooting fish in a barrel (or, like shooting overweight women at a KFC?).

In reference to: Arbitrary Box Office Results for the Weekend of April 7, 2006

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