Monday, April 03, 2006


It's like Christmas when Matt updates with an X-Entertainment article. So when Matt updates X-Entertainment TWICE IN ONE DAY, it's like orgasming on Christmas while eating an apple pie.

  • King Kong Twinkies:
    • "The Kong revival is dying before our eyes. It's done pretty well. Big movie, some scratch-off Lotto cards with Kong imagery on 'em, and now, Twinkies. I can't help but think that Kong's peeps hoped for more, but they should be proud and satisfied of all the big places they took their monkey. I am. I'm proud of Kong's achievements. Mostly proud of his Twinkies, yes, but also proud of all the doodles I made of the arachno-claws and scorpio-pedes he fought, and the Lotto cards, and a reason to love Naomi Watts again after Ring 2. Good job, Kong. Ting, tang, wallawallabingbang."

  • Also, an article about Pictures From Matt's Cell Phone Camera. Does it sound exciting to you? No? Well, you're damn wrong. Matt's the best writer on the Internet, hands down, and it's a great testament that he can take something this mundane and make a great, humorous article.
Click the links, spend some time reading, and go buy yourself some ape twinkies.

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