Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Peeps...Really, I should stop writing about them

mI bought eight more packs of Peeps today: a clearanced Valentine's Decorating Kit, three of the four "bunnies" colors, the vanilla cream eggs, the strawberry cream eggs, and the Peep inside of a chocolate egg. I only need the blue Peeps bunnies and the Easter Decorating Kit to fulfill this segment. Peeps are cheap. I love them more than I love Batman.

In honor of this wondrous expansion, this post is all Peeps, all the time. I promise there will be considerably less Peeps in the near future, but for now...tis the season. Peep.

A photo of my new collection, followed by a relatively comprehensive list of Peeps-related links found on some of my favorite sites and through Google.

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