Monday, September 04, 2006

Yes, Pluto has been demoted

"Friends protest Pluto's demotion." (ABC News)

Well gee, fellas! I can't possibly think of a motivation for demoting a poor dog like that! I mean, sure, he unleashed all the other dogs from the dog pound, but even then it was a journey full of friendship and kind-heartedness!

Grawsh! Shame on you guys for letting a dog down. Y'know if he was one of them talkin' dogs like me that he wouldn't be going through this!


Yeah! Not to mention, Pluto is actually a veteran of the United States army! Where's the support for our troops, fellas?


He was protecting us from those fascists Chip n' Dale before we even knew their names! He's a national hero and...what's that? Did somebody just hear a whistle?

Hey there, Pinoke!

I'm not Pinocchio. I'm Mickey Mouse, and these are my companions Goofy the Dog and Donald Du..

Listen up, Pinoke! The newspapers are actually talking about the ex-planet Pluto and not your mischievous dog. Well, that's all from me. And remember, always let your conscience be your guide. *disappears*

Oh, they're talking about the planet? Well fuck that shit?

Golly, guys! I honestly couldn't give a fuck about the cosmos.

Want to get out of here and smoke some hash?

I'm all over that, nigga.


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