Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Icy weiner




Stay tuned--next update will include pictures of the BEST MCDONALD'S RESTAURANT YOU'VE EVER SEEN.


Jackie said...

Hey, you're pretty darn good at this. I like your icy weiner pics very much lol.

Happy V-day...which means Vagrant's Day you know.

Episode One said...

hey, holden!! how have you been? it's good to hear from you..i've been way out of the loop lately...hope all is going well on your end...i'm loving your photography...a true natural talent you have going on there, friend....hope to hear from you, pocket

3MTE said...

Those pictures are awesome!!! I know some photographers prefer to shoot alone however if you ever feel like going out to get pictures with someone I'll gladly go! I've taken ownership of my dad's classic Nikon and yeah... over the past few months have gone through about 100 rolls of film lol Also, I ran into Alan Rosenstrauch and he also (I say also as this is something that I enjoy as well) has a passion for getting pictures of abandoned and industrial-esque buildings. Aside from going with Alan (actually, I haven't gone with him yet...) I take pictures by myself but it'd be cool if you'd come out with me sometime because we haven't seen each other since the last time I reaped the fruits of your sacred tree.

And speaking of photography, Dani Lucas has an exhibit at The Meatlocker uptown. Her pictures are breathtaking, as are the ones on exhibit by the other artists. If you wanna go sometime we should go!!!

Chris The Great

j o l i said...

you need to check out the mcdonalds' in rome.... they're so intense... you wouldn't believe it. there was a huge controversy to build them to begin with, so they're located down in these.... grottoes below the ground... deep and cavernous and completely inconspicuous from the outside.

also there's fried brie and mini shrimps at mcdonalds here.

and gelato.