Monday, June 04, 2007

Robot Hand may very well be the present.

Hello friend. For the last year of my life, I've done little else other than sitting in front of my computer and staring blankly at the screen. Trust me, it's depressing. I would sit there refreshing forums or playing stupid games at the expense of my personal and social life. My name is Mike and I am a massive dickbag Internet addict.

So I've deleted all games from my computer. Every one. And all links to Internet forums. I plan on cutting this way back.

What does this mean for this site? Well, actually, things are looking up. Now that I won't be hunched over reading and making snarky, stupid posts on the Progressive Boink forums or playing Snoodoku, I'll have virtually nothing to do when I am on my computer. I'd imagine I'll start posting here again fairly regularly (although on no particular schedule and with no particular format).

I really enjoyed writing reviews for the brief time I was doing that, so I'll probably be throwing out my thoughts on various movies, candies, books, and assorted oddities that come my way. In addition, there will be a fair mix of personal stuff (like the previous post, a 1997 Travelogue), and probably just some stupid, silly stuff too. Perhaps some original writings, if I am so bothered.

State of the Union complete. My Internet addiction is toast. Now to battle my dietary problems...

I deleted this from the site long ago, but Brian from Review the World asked for a copy. If you ever find yourself enjoying my lame content, here is a button for you to sew to your vest and/or website.