Thursday, September 28, 2006

Shuffle Yo' Shit, Son

Another week down, another five free MP3s for you to listen to. Hopefully somebody discovers some good music out of the deal (then again, my taste is questionable).

The first five randomly shuffled songs from the Wide World of Spoodles's Music Library: some David Bowie and Green Day from before they were famous, some Jeff Buckley from before he was dead, and some other tasty stuff as well from Danny Elfman and Billy Idol.
  1. David Bowie: "Maid of Bond Street" (from The Deram Anthology)
  2. Jeff Buckley: "Lover, You Should Have Come Over" (from Live at Sin-e)
  3. Green Day: "Dry Ice" (from 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour)
  4. Danny Elfman: Ballet De Suburbia Suite (from the complete bootleg of Edward Scissorhands)
  5. Billy Idol: Sweet Sixteen (from Greatest Hits)
And of course the archive, where you can download an assload of free music.

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