Monday, August 14, 2006

The Monday Grind me some fresh pepper

Snap. For whatever reason there haven't been a lot of posts from some of my faves. Still, while it's a small linkdump today, we make up for it with abounding sexiness and a picture of spaghetti.

With that out of the way, on to the good stuff.
  • Mike at Progressive Boink has posted a lil' somethin' somethin' about the worst band names ever. He makes fun of my homeboys in Seven Mary Three, but I'll foregive him because of funny shit like this.

    • *NSYNC passes the similarly multiple-offense perpetrator Fenix*TX by making Lance Bass conform. The name was originally a play on the last letters of the boy band's members: Justin, Chris, Joey, Jason, & J.C. When Jason was replaced with Lance, they DECIDED TO KEEP THE NAME SCHEME anyway by giving Lance the fake full name of "Lanston." Then they made him pretend to like girls. Man, this guy's going to need a lot of therapy once he hits 40.

  • PEEPS! Mystie of the wonderful Crown Combo gives the first reported Halloween Peeps sighting in her blog. Also, she's updating her blog every day this month, so go back often for new creamy goodness.

  • Cracked gets an exclusive interview with Fidel Castro as he lays on the brink of death.

    • “There’s a glass of water two feet from your hand!” he snapped.
      “That’s my water,” I said.
      “I’m the President of Cuba!” he fired back.
      “Alright, this interview is over,” I got up, offended at his tone.

  • Maddox is a funny guy, and B3TA interviewed him.

    • My favorite joke lately has been:
      Q: Why did the little girl drop her balloon?
      A: Because she was getting raped in the face.

      That one is pretty terrible, so here's a backup in case you don't want to run the above:
      Q: What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?
      A: Nothing. You already told her twice.

  • Humanity has been plagued by questions that may never be answered. How did the world begin? Why are marshmallows so delicious? What is the meaning of life? Why does everyone hate Kimmy Gibler so damn much? Cracked tries to solve the last one.

    • Yet, the Tanner family consistently treated Kimmy as if she were on fire (also, when you touched the fire, you not only got burnt but also contracted a very severe form of an unholy AIDS/Downs Syndrome hybrid which would quite literally STOP AT NOTHING before it eats holes in your brain).

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kate said...

why does robot hand turn me on? i'll tell you why. organization, spaghetti, sugared marshmallows, and a mention of kimmy gibler. all it needs is a vibrate feature and a girl's set for life.