Sunday, July 30, 2006

Box Office Results For Serious: July 30, 2006

Wait wait wait...I got what right? There's no way I could have gotten so much right. I mean, I'm not Jesus. Or am I?

  1. Miami Vice, $25.2 million (my pick: #1, $48.1 million)
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, $20.5 million (my pick: #2, $23.4 million)
  3. John Tucker Must Die, $14.1 million (my pick: #3, $21.6 million)
  4. Monster House, $11.5 million (my pick: #5, $11.2 million)
  5. The Ant Bully, $8.1 million, (my pick: #4, $15.1 million)
I think you heard me right. I am the messiah.

What do you mean I got a bunch of stuff wrong?

Okay. Let's compromise. I'm still the messiah, but I'm just a shitty one.

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