Monday, June 26, 2006

The Monday Grind

I know I usually post a list of links to get you through the working-week. Usually I let out a little chuckle and cluck my tongue, laughing at all of the nine-to-fivers in the audience. No clucking today, because I only just escaped from an unexpectedly long twelve-hour work shift. Here's your links, you damned dirty apes. An extra-large Daily Chronicle will come tomorrow to make up for its absense. P.S. Click above for a comic I made on the Progressive Boink forums a few days ago.
  • Cracked has the world's most difficult drinking games.
    • Barbershop

      If you’re black, drink: Every time you laugh and your white friend doesn’t.
      If you’re white, drink: Every time your black friend laughs and you ask him if he’s choking because you’re unaware that a joke has been told.

  • Game Revolution has the fifty worst-named video games of all time.

    • Wild Woody: Wild Woody was also the the star of this game, a bright yellow No. 2 pencil that threw sticks of dynamite. Welcome to the mascot graveyard.

  • The Jay has alternate (sarcastic) movie taglines for your enjoyment.
    • Ocean’s Twelve: Twelve is the new eleven
      Alternate Tagline:
      Crappy is the new good

  • Everybody Cares Everybody Understands has a clip of a dude wailing on The Simpsons theme on his guitar. Not to be missed.

  • Review the World reviews another niche restaurant, for your enjoyment.

    • To help understand the place’s ambiance I took a picture of this aloe vera plant that was used as decoration – it’s also where I buried a piece of chewing gum, but that’s neither here nor there. We came right around lunchtime, and almost every other table and booth was full. The other patrons were small town folk to the core, a loyal group of laborers just making it through another day, not sure what to make of my crew, nor myself, or the notebook of poetry and Buddhism notes I held, least of all the sleek digital camera I used to document our run-in.
Hope you make it through the already-passed work day. Ha. Oh, and here's a bonus comic from the same set mentioned above.

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Scott said...

i found this today , thought it was interesting....and waaaayyyy too easy to make fun of.