Friday, May 05, 2006

Saved By The Bell: Where Are They Now?

Hot on the tails of the famous video, Saved By the Bell: The Rehab Years, comes this new article detailing the lives of our favorite kitschy 90's television characters.
  • [Zach Morris] maintained this lifestyle until going into a seizure during an office birthday party for the lady who delivers the office supplies. After an MRI, doctors discovered a malignant brain tumor in Morris' brain that had been growing for years, the problem exacerbated by the radiation from his unreasonably large cell phone. After a series of surgical procedures, doctors were able to remove the tumor, but due to complications, he developed severe learning and social disorders. He's now employed part time as a janitor for Bayside High, where he can be seen walking around muttering, "Kapowski…" quietly to himself.
The others' fates are all equally disturbing and wonderful. Give it a look.

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