Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mexico does its part to stop United States immigration

Immigration has been all over the news for the last week. I really have no opinion on any of it one way or another, as long as burritos are still made in This Great Nation of Ours. However, when I see grassroots efforts like this to halt emigration from Mexico, I sit up and take notice.

Mexico legalizes marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, and heroin for personal use (CNN)
  • Mexico's Congress on Friday approved a bill decriminalizing possession of small quantities of marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and even heroin for personal use, prompting U.S. criticism that the measure could harm anti-drug efforts.
If there's one way to keep people in your country, it's to get them hooked on smack. Additionally, Mexico's population is expected to grow: Robert Downey Jr., Corey Feldman, and Charlie Sheen have already sold their mansions and packed their suitcases into U-Hauls.

Meanwhile, everybody Abercrombie sorority girl's Tijuana Spring Break just became a little more insane. The people at Girls Gone Wild are elated.


Melvin said...

I'm moving to Mexxico! WOOT!

s said...

Man, if you're on the Texas border and you're poor, and work in a factory with Mexicans, there's just no reason to stay here.