Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Literary fact: Pepys is pronounced "Peeps"

Mystie over at Crown Combo is having a "Peepdown" until Easter, where she writes mini-articles on any number of Marshmallow Peeps-branded items. The most recent is the Peeps S'mores Bucket.
  • I almost overlooked this item at Target because it was neither Peeps-shaped nor vibrantly displaying the Peeps logo. In fact, they had many Paint Bucket kits, but this one just happens to be a Peeps item. It's a rather ingenious idea. Fill a spiffy looking paint can with some cheap shit and slap a $12 price sticker on it. If this didn't come with Peeps, I'd have never bought one. Eh, screw the paint bucket. I can make my own Peeps S'mores for cheaper.

And so she does. Click here for the entire Peepdown, which, granted, has fallen a bit behind, but is still making me hungry for sandy marshmallows.

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