Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jesus on the rocks

According to new studies, Jesus Herman Christ could have pulled off his "walking on water" miracle by floating by on a sheet of ice.
  • Nof, a professor of oceanography at Florida State University, said on Tuesday that his study found an unusual combination of water and atmospheric conditions in what is now northern Israel could have led to ice formation on the Sea of Galilee.
Other Biblical "miracles" soon to be disproved:
  • Instead of turning water to wine at a wedding, Jesus actually turned grapes into wine. Over the course of several months.
  • Jesus never resurrected Lazarus. He just woke Lazarus up from a sleepytime nap.
  • The Grand Canyon was not caused by Noah's Flood but, instead, by erosion over billions of years.
Any other shots at disproving the Bible? Lay 'em on me.

(Link via Best Week Ever)

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