Saturday, April 15, 2006

Gave birth to six massive turds

CNN (once again) reports that a woman is being charged with making up sextuplets in order to scam money out of charitably-minded individuals.
  • Sarah Everson told The Associated Press that she had lied about her pregnancy even to her husband. She said he believed for months that she was pregnant, and police said she told them she went so far as to gain 40 pounds to further the ruse.

Everson continued to fool her husband, even keeping him in the dark after the supposed "birth" of the babies. In fact, he was not even aware of the elaborate ruse until the "children's" first birthday party, when the neighbors dropped the bombshell: them's ain't children, Chuck.

When asked for comment, the husband said that he always thought it was strange when his wife tied the children to a sled for journeys across the tundra.

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