Sunday, April 23, 2006

DID YOU KNOW??!?!?!?!?!

You may have heard the news: Toothpaste for Dinner (from the makers of Married to the Sea and...uh...Spaceballs) is a funny damn comic. But DID YOU KNOW that the site's creator also has a hilarious blog? It's true! And it's especially hilarious, for some reason, when the dude talks about Wendy's old-timey salad bars of yore.
  • They cut off the Superbar at one point, when the amount that Americans ate actually overtook the incredibly low price of the ingredients at the Superbar. If food costs twelve cents a pound, you have to be eating a lot of food to run Wendy's out of the Superbar business. But it happened. Dudes, just regular dudes, would roll in and suddenly think, "Oh my GOD if I can eat about three pounds of food this will be SO CHEAP and 84 OUNCES OF SODA OH HELL YES." Congratulations, America, you finally beat the system. You just got so hellbent on savin' money in the most physically harmful way possible that you destroyed the integrity of the Superbar. here for his blog and daily comics.

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