Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In need of helpful advice

Here's the bad thing about having paper-thin walls:

When the neighbors decide to have the sex, you can hear every sound, every guttural grunt and groan.

Here's the good thing about having paper-thin walls:

While the neighbors are bumping uglies, you can try to ruin their sex by making weird noises of your very own!

And so I am asking you, the reader: what kind of weird stuff should I say or do?

I intend on doing some monkey sounds, girlish screams, or random heys, but I need something more inventive.


Barry Yorysh said...

Howl like a cat. In addition, take a big book or other large flat object and just drop it on the floor, just before you think they are reaching climax.

Lisa said...

Hey, its been so long since I talked to you! guess what? My daughter will be 1 on the 4th! u have to see her she is a cutie. lol I finally got intouch with Chris he called me today. We need to hang out sometime. Don't be a stranger.