Monday, November 07, 2005

Steamy Valentine's Sex

Fun fact: I don't know many people, but I literally know at least ten people who have birthdays between the first and fifteenth of November. The correlation seems to be unfounded, but keep this in mind: nine months before mid-November is Valentine's Day. WE ARE ALL PRODUCTS OF STEAMY, VALENTINE'S-DAY SEX.

Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes. Also, thank you to everyone who didn't offer birthday wishes, because that is pleasing to me as well.

I hate birthdays--not really for the onslaught of well-wishers, but because of aging in general. I'm one year closer to the real world, and one year closer to death. I can't stand it. If I had my way, I'd still be five years old. Simple times.

This year was especially compounded because 21 is a big year to everybody who finds out about it. Where people might just thankfully ignore the fact that you've grown a year older when you are, say, twenty years old, twenty-one is a whole different ballpark. Everybody feels the need to go up to you and say things like "Where are you going drinking?" or "Doing twenty-one shots tonight?" And then, of course, when you tell them you have absolutely no interest in ever drinking, you get a wide variety of "why?" responses. I'll tell you why: because I have absolutely no need to utilize chemicals to make my life "better." I don't drink because I know how to have fun without doing it.

As I was saying before my mind-brain took me on a tangent: thank you for the birthday wishes. I wasn't nearly as depressed this year as I remember being for the last three, due mostly to my amazing family (but also my friends and viewers like you).

Anyway, here's the linkdump. Enjoy.

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