Monday, June 06, 2005

Dance-Off! Dreams do come true.

What May Have Been the Most Random and Heartwarming Moment of My Life (My Brother's Wedding Reception)

As my brother and I were schmmozing and carousing on the dance floor with many a lovely lady (some of whom were actually not related to us), a single female voice shouted:


Now, if you've never heard of a DANCE OFF!, you don't watch enough crappy movies. Basically, a DANCE OFF! is a moment where everybody else stops dancing and watches two competitors perform their best moves. Whoever wins, by unanimous crowd approval, knows that he will be going home with a fine piece of tail and the undying respect of every other person in the room.

If this muddled verbal description doesn't properly explain the DANCE OFF!, here is a diagram of a DANCE OFF!

As you can see by following the advanced diagram, the competitors await their turn, and when their turn is over, they go back to the beginning to perform yet another funky-fresh dance move.

As somebody yelled "DANCE OFF!", my brother and I knew instantly what had to happen. We had to lock our horns in the immortal bloodlust of a good, old-fashioned DANCE OFF! While I don't remember every dance move performed in the five rounds, I do know that Dan erupted into some all-star breakdancing (see pictures), and my final three rounds were the Swing Band Suspender Step, a bit of softshoe tap dancing, and the Pony (a move characterized by the smacking of one's own ass).

After the Pony, I was declared the winner, but Dan definitely displayed the most quality (especially the breakdancing).

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