Saturday, June 04, 2005


Anybody who knows me knows that I am lax in giving compliments. They also know that I hate, HATE, HATE receiving compliments. I never do anything that I do for a cookie, so why should people give me a damn cookie every time I've done something they like? Also, I never know what to say. "Thank you" seems a little self-aggrandizing, and yet it seems to be the socially acceptable way to "accept" a compliment.

I don't like it when people compliment me on my work. As far as I'm concerned, when you're payed to do something, you do it to the best of your ability. People shouldn't have to thank you or commend you. That will come when you get a paycheck for all of your hard work.

I don't like it when people compliment anyone on their looks. People recently have been saying, "Mike, you look good without all the extra weight," and I want to say the same thing every time. "Who cares?" If you're worried about that stuff, go back to clown college. People seem to expect compliments for dressing up, and guys always hear theit girlfriends complain about how they are never told how "beautiful" they are. Well, got news for you. If a guy is dating you, he thinks you're beautiful. Quit moping.

Likewise, why should I compliment other people? They either do something good or they don't. If they do something good, and it affects me positively, I thank them. I don't say, "Good job. You are a gentleman and a scholar" every time somebody does something I like.

Some people get offended if they aren't complimented for every little thing they do. If they have a lack of self-esteem that dire, a compliment is only going to be a quick fix.

I hate compliments. They are tacky.

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