Sunday, August 01, 2004

Goddamn anti-piracy labels

Having bought four new CDs this week, there is one thing I hate more than any other. That thing is the F.B.I.Anti-Piracy Warning. Take a gander at the label, which is being put on every CD released from this point forward.

I first noticed this on my score album from the movie The Terminal. First of all, who is going to pirate the easy-listening score to an underachieving Spielberg comedy? Second of all, and this comes from somebody who is a stickler for the artwork on an album, the label is unsightly and takes up a quarter of the package. It's completely off of the color-scheme of the album (and each of the other albums I got with this label) and makes for a hideous package. It takes an album cover like this...

And makes it about as worthwhile as this...

And to add to it, it's used more than once. It's used twice on the packaging, once on the booklet, and once (even bigger) on the disk itself. I hate the FBI.

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