Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why I Don't Blog

I do not blog because I am boring.

I very rarely do anything with my time. I sit around and play Spider Solitaire. Badly. I listen to my iPod on shuffle. I can count the things I've done outside of the house in the year 2007 on my nine fingers, and I can't count much of anything on the finger that got chopped off in the garbage disposal.

When I'm with my girlfriend, we sit and watch movies. I can't review movies anymore. Do you know why? Because I like them all. I have no discerning taste. I'd be just as happy watching Walk Hard or Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd over Citizen Kane or The Godfather--perhaps moreso. I've done 44 "Movie Review" posts on this blog, many of which actually cover multiple films. Only one of those reviews had something negative to say, and even that really had more to do with kneejerk reactions and personal politics than any measurable quality in the film.

In fact, further research shows that there are maybe only ten worthwhile posts in the history of this blog.

So what to do when you have a blog but can't blog? Well, I guess you blog anyway. I will write about myself and the things I like, and more importantly (to me and certainly not to you), I'll do it frequently. That's my New Years resolution, my grown-up Christmas wish, my Hannukah hope, and my Ramadan dream. My April Fools Day miracle! My July Fools Day treat-sicle.

As far as photography goes, I'm planning on doing the 365 Days Project. I'll be taking a photo every day and chronicling a year in the life. I read the news today, oh boy. Probably won't blog on them, but they'll all go up on my Flickr page.

I am out of words. Good day.


Wes said...

I spend a great deal of time playing Spider Solitaire as well! I've gotten considerably better at it recently, though -- I've currently got a 100% rating on easy, an 83% rating on medium, and a 50% rating on hard. Not terribly impressive, but I can still remember when I had difficulty winning games on medium on a remotely regular basis.

Regarding your thoughts on movies... I haven't read all 44 of your reviews, but have you ever seen Flightplan? I'd be very curious to hear what you think of it, though admittedly I might be disgusted with you if you find it to be anything resembling tolerable. ;P

Matt said...

I want to hear more about this girlfriend. Mmmmmm. And Happy New Year!